Alysse Metzler

Staying Positive during Crossroads-What you say will come following you and the 5 things you should stop doing now!

I was recently speaking to a local licensed mental health counselor, Cheryl Malone, M.A., about the mental struggle we all go through while looking for employment.  She stated, “Humans feel the most stress and anxiety during a cross road in their life.”  Think about it and look back in your life to some of the […]

Social Media, the Double Edged Sword

Let’s all face it; social media has taken over our lives. We are connected at all times to a phone, computer, I-pad, or some sort of digital device. We no longer look up to see what’s going on around us since our noses are worried about how many people “liked” our photo or commented on […]

Virtual Interviewing 101

If you are currently looking for employment you’ve already felt the swift change in technology while applying for jobs. No longer are you going door to door to fill out, by hand, applications or faxing in your resume to employers. Most of you are applying via online job boards and just as soon as you […]

How to land your first job

I’ve had numerous young adults ask me how to get experience when every company is requiring experience. This is a great question and I dive deeper in to this question in, The Recruiting Snitch. For now, I’ve listed the top 5 ways to get experience and land your first job. 1. Become a Sales Representative: […]

How to Answer Common Job Interview Questions

You’ve submitted hundreds of applications, filled out countless online “profiles,” read through thousands of job postings and networked with your friends and family.  And now, you’re patiently waiting for a company to call you back to start the interview process. So now what? Are you prepared for the phone call? You only have one chance to “WOW” […]

Inside the Mind of The Recruiting Snitch

Welcome to my very first blog! I’m excited to finally have a platform to share my recruiting secrets with you. I’ve been recruiting for many different corporations for the last 9 years. Throughout my experience I feel I’ve mastered and conquered the recruiting world and it’s now my time give back. Last year I was selected […]